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Solar Panel Installation and Aesthetics

Integration into Roofing Systems When you hire Dority Roofing & Solar for a solar panel installation, we will take care to integrate the solar panels as closely to the roof’s surface as possible, which leads to a sleeker look and elegant curb appeal. Many companies place their systems up on factory supplied posts that raise the system up several inches from the roof surface, which looks bulky and artificial. In the case of a clay…

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Solar Series: Part III

WHY YOU NEED TO GET INTO SOLAR NOW Installing solar impacts the air we breathe, the water we drink and our overall quality of life. In 2015, 67% of the electricity generated in the US was through fossil fuels ( We can reduce the pollution created by those sources by generating our own energy at home and supporting more renewable energy resources in the US. Ok, environmental education complete; let’s talk money. Besides producing electric…

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Solar Series II: History, Net Metering, and Myths

A BRIEF HISTORY OF SOLAR, NET METERING AND COMMON MYTHS OF SOLAR INSTALLATION The first installment of this series talked about the benefits of solar, and solar from an investment point of view. This month, let’s investigate how we got here, learn a little about how your system will connect to the grid, net metering, and debunk some myths regarding solar energy. Humans have worshiped the sun for millennia. This was a shared experience across…

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Solar Roof – Solar Series: Part I

Thinking about a solar roof? Solar roofs are popping up more and more around the Monterey Bay. In fact, in the entire US, 2016 was a record breaking year for overall solar roof capacity. It nearly doubled the installations over 2015 ( Solar is beneficial not only as a renewable, clean energy source, but for residential use, it makes a lot of sense financially. Let’s explore this investment and look at the steps followed to…

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Prime Buyer’s Report: Dority Roofing and Solar

It’s not uncommon for roofing companies to trick customers into thinking they’ve gotten a better deal than they have. In fact, many homeowners hire a roofing company and are excited to see that they’re eligible for a 50-year warranty. But then, after they’ve signed a contract or at the end of the job, they discover things aren’t exactly as they seem. That 50-year warranty comes with a catch: they either have to pay extra for…

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