solar panels flush against the roofIntegration into Roofing Systems

When you hire Dority Roofing & Solar for a solar panel installation, we will take care to integrate the solar panels as closely to the roof’s surface as possible, which leads to a sleeker look and elegant curb appeal. Many companies place their systems up on factory supplied posts that raise the system up several inches from the roof surface, which looks bulky and artificial. In the case of a clay tile roof, of which are so many on the Monterey Peninsula, you can effectively have the solar panel height match the tops of the tiles, for a perfectly flush look.

Another advantage to using us comes during the actual roof installation. When we tear the roof off, we can run all the wiring through the attic space of the home. That way, you can avoid any unsightly conduit runs up over a ridge and across the roof. Not to mention straight down the wall to the electrical panel. The wiring can all be tucked away in the attic and wall panels. The outcome is an uninterrupted flow of new roofing across the home.

When we tear the roof off, we can confirm exactly where all the roofing rafters are located. Sometimes there are variations in rafter placement, when shifted slightly by a large skylight or other roof feature. Therefore, an independent solar installer going across the roof in a specific pattern may not notice that shift. He won’t hit the beams on center during installation. That leads to a poorly installed system that could end up causing leaks.

Another Advantage

Another advantage to a concurrent roofing and solar panel installation is that you may qualify for an increased tax credit. Contact us and we’ll help you find the system size that fits your electricity needs. We use SunPower modules, which are the highest efficiency solar panels on the market today. You can count on Dority Roofing & Solar to create the perfect integration between roof and solar panel systems, for looks, convenience, and savings.