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Carmel Heavy Shake Roofing

Isn’t the new heavy shake roofing of this Carmel home beautiful? It glows a majestic golden brown under the sun and the canopy of trees. The shake variations blend well and it is so uniform due to the highest quality western red cedar material available to Dority Roofing & Solar. Is has 100% vertical edge grain shake that will protect this home for decades. It also weathers graciously over time. It is one of the many kinds of roofing to be seen on the Monterey Peninsula. We employ the best craftsmen with years of experience, who have this kind of roofing installation in their blood. They can create this masterpiece from start to finish. Heavy shake roofing is a high quality, “Class A” fire rated material. Dority Roofing & Solar installs it to perfection.

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Integrated Solar

Summer Heat and a Class A Fire Rating – What it Means

dSummer is here! If you live right on the coast you are probably going to wear your jacket to take the dog for the morning stroll. If you are inland a little – it’s warm outside. In 2016, that morning walk was tainted by a giant column of smoke and the smell of campfire in the air. There was a massive fire in Big Sur. The central coast is still recovering from that incredible disaster, and the threat of fire is still on many people’s minds. Do you have a Class A fire rated your roof? What’s risen from the ashes of that mess is a new clampdown on wood shake roofs in this area. Let me take the opportunity here to do some explaining about what a Class A fire rating is. You still can own a wood shake or wood shingle roof without worrying about what it might…

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Kinds of Roofing on the Monterey Peninsula

How often I have lain beneath rain on a strange roof, thinking of home. – William Faulkner As we head into our rainy season, let’s remember how comfortable we are that we have so many kinds of roofing over our heads. It’s nice to nestle in when the wind gets up, but when you do need to brave the cold and rain, pause for a moment and look up! We are surrounded by the well thought out beauty and architectural styles of the roofs in our area. From basic wood and shingle patterns, reclaimed and imported tile, to slate and industrial corrugated steel looks – roofs are interesting and add unique elegance to homes all over the Peninsula. Below is some general information about a few of the styles we see here. Cedar Wood Shingles Wood shingles on their own give a warm, comfortable look to a home and age…

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Prime Buyer’s Report: Dority Roofing and Solar

It’s not uncommon for roofing companies to trick customers into thinking they’ve gotten a better deal than they have. In fact, many homeowners hire a roofing company and are excited to see that they’re eligible for a 50-year warranty. But then, after they’ve signed a contract or at the end of the job, they discover things aren’t exactly as they seem. That 50-year warranty comes with a catch: they either have to pay extra for it or the company wasn’t certified by the manufacturer or didn’t take all of the steps necessary to give the homeowner the protection of those manufacturer warranties. Then we heard of Dority Roofing & Solar, the roofing and solar company in Pacific Grove CA headed by owner Kasey Dority, that is known for sticking to their promises and giving customers a better value. We were eager to talk with them about what makes their company…

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