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Walking Decks and Waterproof Membranes

Tar and Gravel Upgrade A huge improvement over tar and gravel roofing a liquid applied, fully adhered “elastomeric membrane”. It is much more environmentally friendly, is UV resistant and has a solid warranty. The “elastomeric” part of it means that it expands and contracts with the weather, so there is no separation at the roof edges like with tar and gravel. Over time, that expanding and contraction leads to leaking around pipes, skylights and chimneys, and wood rot. This material is so strong and reliable that we use it not only on our customer’s homes and decks and also in commercial applications where it needs to be counted on for years to come, like at the Lodge in Pebble Beach. We are experts at waterproofing and it is one of the many roofing services we offer. This material comes in a variety of colors and we also use it often…

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Prime Buyer’s Report: Dority Roofing and Solar

It’s not uncommon for roofing companies to trick customers into thinking they’ve gotten a better deal than they have. In fact, many homeowners hire a roofing company and are excited to see that they’re eligible for a 50-year warranty. But then, after they’ve signed a contract or at the end of the job, they discover things aren’t exactly as they seem. That 50-year warranty comes with a catch: they either have to pay extra for it or the company wasn’t certified by the manufacturer or didn’t take all of the steps necessary to give the homeowner the protection of those manufacturer warranties. Then we heard of Dority Roofing & Solar, the roofing and solar company in Pacific Grove CA headed by owner Kasey Dority, that is known for sticking to their promises and giving customers a better value. We were eager to talk with them about what makes their company…

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