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Solar Panel Installation and Aesthetics

Posted by Luke S. on  November 1, 2018
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Integration into Roofing Systems When you hire Dority Roofing & Solar for a solar panel installation, we will take care to integrate the solar panels as closely to the roof’s surface as possible, which leads to a sleeker look and elegant curb appeal. Many companies place their systems up on factory supplied posts that raise the system up several inches from the roof surface, which looks bulky and artificial. In the case of a clay

Walking Decks and Waterproof Membranes

Posted by Luke S. on  October 29, 2018
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Category: Waterproofing
Tar and Gravel Upgrade Our Pacific Grove Showroom A huge improvement over tar and gravel roofing a liquid applied, fully adhered “elastomeric membrane”. It is much more environmentally friendly, is UV resistant and has a solid warranty. The “elastomeric” part of it means that it expands and contracts with the weather, so there is no separation at the roof edges like with tar and gravel. Over time, that expanding and contraction leads to leaking around
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Carmel Heavy Shake Roofing

Posted by Luke S. on  October 17, 2018
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Category: Custom Roofing, Roofing
Heavy Cedar Shake Roofing Isn’t the new heavy shake roofing of this Carmel home beautiful? It glows a majestic golden brown under the sun and the canopy of trees. The shake variations blend well and it is so uniform due to the highest quality western red cedar material available to Dority Roofing & Solar. Is has 100% vertical edge grain shake that will protect this home for decades. It also weathers graciously over time. It
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Getting Ready for Winter

Posted by Luke S. on  September 11, 2018
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Category: General Information
Here on the Central Coast, it might be starting to warm up. It’s been a miserably grey summer in Pacific Grove, and it is nice to see some sun. When you are getting ready for winter and you know the winter weather is right around the corner you want to prepare for that onslaught of inclement weather. When leaves and other debris builds up in valleys and gutters you could have potential leaks. If you
standing seam metal

Standing Seam Metal Roof in Pacific Grove

Posted by Luke S. on  August 22, 2018
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Category: Custom Roofing
Dority Roofing and Solar installed this beautiful modern standing seam metal roof.  James Newhall Smith designed the home and Level 5 Construction in Pacific Grove was the contractor. Using aluminum panels gives you piece of mind that there will no issues with being so close to the ocean. This home is located just 1,500 feet from the water on Monterey Bay. More information is on our portfolio page. You can view more photos of our work in roofing and
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