It’s not uncommon for roofing companies to trick customers into thinking they’ve gotten a better deal than they have.

In fact, many homeowners hire a roofing company and are excited to see that they’re eligible for a 50-year warranty. But then, after they’ve signed a contract or at the end of the job, they discover things aren’t exactly as they seem. That 50-year warranty comes with a catch: they either have to pay extra for it or the company wasn’t certified by the manufacturer or didn’t take all of the steps necessary to give the homeowner the protection of those manufacturer warranties.

Then we heard of Dority Roofing & Solar, the roofing and solar company in Pacific Grove CA headed by owner Kasey Dority, that is known for sticking to their promises and giving customers a better value. We were eager to talk with them about what makes their company stand out from the rest in terms of quality of work, value, and the benefits of hiring a roofing company that also provides solar installations and waterproofing services.

Dority Roofing Offers Quality Roofing Installations in Monterey, CA

Consumers hate it when they end up with less than they expect, and that includes when hiring a roofing company, solar, or waterproofing contractor. roofing company monterey
Luckily, there is a way to tell early on whether the company they’ve hired can be trusted to provide quality services. During the bidding phase, companies give clients a big clue as to the quality and value they’re providing. Their initial bids and contracts should be detailed, including line items explaining the exact products, materials, brands, and amounts that will be used on the job. Labor costs should also be explained so you know the size of the crew and the approximate time the job is expected to take.

Luke Shenefield of Dority Roofing suggests that homeowners closely look at the bids and contracts they get from the companies they’re considering and compare them side by side before making a choice. “That’s the only way to know what you’re really getting,” he says. “You want to know the materials, method, and other details of the job before you make a decision.” While one company’s bid may appear much lower than another, the cost differential is probably due to cheaper materials or a faster, less careful installation.

The quality of the installation and the knowledge and background of the installers also plays a big part in the overall quality of the job. Kasey Dority, owner of Dority Roofing, grew up in the construction trades. He went to job sites with his dad as a kid and he was installing roofs by the age of 14. “The guys that work for us have similar training,” Luke says. “All of our guys are on apprenticeship paths to learn the skills they need. Our goal is perfection, and it’s better to take the time to do it right than to rush through the job to get to the next one.”

Dority Roofing is known for its use of custom materials as well as asphalt shingles. “We can install beautiful copper and metal panels, we can roll and bend shingles under curved eaves, and we can do a Cotswold wave pattern like houses in fairytales,” Luke says. “We have highly-specialized craftsmen that create beautiful roofs that last a long time and come with extended manufacturer warranties.”

High-Value Roofing Installations Protect You and Your Home

Dority Roofing isn’t the cheapest roofing company in Monterey County, and they don’t shy away from that fact. Instead, they’re proud to offer outstanding value that gets homeowners the most for their money.

“We might be more expensive, but that’s because we’re the best at what we do,” explains Luke. roofing company monterey“Your roof is a long-term investment in your property. You can put in something cheaper, but it’s going to cost more in the long run. We are higher priced, but our customers aren’t scared by that. They want quality, and they know we offer a better value. We do what we say we will do and we do it the correct way so that the warranties are valid and protect homeowners for the life of their roof.”

And customers of Dority Roofing who have the company install new solar arrays get an added value. The company takes care of all of the permitting, inspections, and other details, including PG&E interconnectivity paperwork, and they ensure that all of the technical and code requirements are met before connecting homes to the power grid. Dority Roofing also sends a qualified staff member to customer homes to activate the new solar power system when the final inspection is done, and they walk homeowners through the monitoring process so customers can keep tabs on their own systems.

Benefits by Hiring a Roofing Company that Also Offers Solar and Waterproofing

Solar companies and roofing companies provide different services, and most don’t have the expertise to do both. But that can lead to miscommunication, the frustration of juggling two or more companies to get the job done, roof damage, solar panel malfunction, and even leaks and long-term problems with your roof or solar array.

So customers installing solar panels or with existing solar panels are understandably thrilled to learn that Dority Roofing is also a solar expert, and a dealer in SunPower systems.
When talking with Dority Roofing, we learned that there are advantages to hiring a roofing company that also knows solar. “There are two immediate benefits,” Luke shares. “If the customer has solar installed at the same time as their new roof, they can get a higher tax credit. We can also almost embed the panels into the roof, so the panels don’t hang out and there’s no gap between the roof and the panels. It’s much more aesthetically pleasing.”

He warns that many solar companies don’t know about roofing, and that can have long-term consequences for their customers’ roofs. “If the roofing company montereycompany drills holes all over your roof, it could void your warranty,” he says. “We are roofers first, so we know where and how to attach the system. We also waterproof every single hole to make sure that your roof won’t have problems now or in the future.”

In addition to waterproofing areas around solar installations, Dority Roofing also has experiencing providing other waterproofing services for homeowners and contractors, including fountains, walking decks, underground concrete slabs and underground rooms, basements, foundations, shower stalls, and other areas prone to leaks or water seepage.

It’s clear that Dority Roofing & Solar takes care of their clients in Carmel, Pebble Beach, Pacific Grove, Carmel Valley, Monterey and the surrounding areas by offering high-quality roofing installations, a better value on new roofing, and the added expertise of solar panel installation and waterproofing services.