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Dority Roofing
 by Dee


Hope you had a very Merry Christmas! I sure enjoyed my contacts with both of you, Kasey and Monique.

I am so pleased with the job your company did for me. In my "book" you are #1. Loved the pictures of the back sides of the roof. Nice of you to do that.

Thank you and enjoy the year to come.

Best Wishes,


 by Ben K., Pacific Grove

I had Kasey come out to my project the other day.  He was extremely professional and knowledgeable about all things solar and roofing.   He was even kind enough to share recommendations of other contractors and point out areas of my project outside of his scope of work that were very helpful.   Highly recommend contacting him regarding any residential project that involves roofing or solar

 by Paul S., Pebble Beach

A very responsive company.  Got back right away on Yelp messaging, set up an appointment and came out to the house to evaluate the roof problem and provide an estimate.  Took photos before and after and kept me informed all along the process.  Wayne and Terry are very experienced and completed the job per the estimate.

 by Anne and John
We are thrilled with their work and work ethic.

We are at the end of having both a new roof (yes we replaced shake also!) and a solar system being added. I researched it VERY thoroughly before selecting a vendor. I wanted one who would do both with his own people, QUALITY both in products and work, responsible and who would do what he said, when he said for the price quoted... also to keep me well informed and clean up every day! Oh yes, they handle all permits etc of course.

I did a deep dive on contractors and products ESPECIALLY referrals. Checked not only direct referrals but others who just new someone. In the end there was only one choice (some of the nightmare tales I heard of people with roofs that proved inferior in bad conditions to unmet warranties to staffs that seemed to be hired off the streets at times. Best referral was our Big Sur (we now live in the highlands) contractor of 30 years Kevin Rider who has seen it all and, given his client's approval, will only use Dority. Kevin says he is so far better than any other choice, that it is scary what is out there and really wonderful how good he is.

HE is very organized. Starts work in the office at 6:30 daily, reviewing with any team he has working the work plan and making sure everyone is on point, materials ready, etc. They are on time, take a short break for lunch, never goof off or disappear and even worked until dark and on a Saturday when rain was a threat. Very well organized, and in the end our last and ONLY choice was Kasey Dority of Dority Roofing (in the business over 25 years) and on the high priced end(!) but made sense. We are thrilled with their work and work ethic. No regrets. Could not recommend him/them more highly. Happy to have you see his work or chat at length any time.

If you would like to hear more about our experience please call Anne or John at 831-620-0994

 by B. Scott
We couldn’t be more pleased.

Wayne & Terry did a terrific job; it was a quirky roof and they paid great attention to the details. We couldn’t be more pleased.

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