heavy shake roofing

Heavy Cedar Shake Roofing

Isn’t the new heavy shake roofing of this Carmel home beautiful? It glows a majestic golden brown under the sun and the canopy of trees. The shake variations blend well and it is so uniform due to the highest quality western red cedar material available to Dority Roofing & Solar. Is has 100% vertical edge grain shake that will protect this home for decades. It also weathers graciously over time. It is one of the many kinds of roofing to be seen on the Monterey Peninsula. We employ the best craftsmen with years of experience, who have this kind of roofing installation in their blood. They can create this masterpiece from start to finish.

Heavy shake roofing is a high quality, “Class A” fire rated material. Dority Roofing & Solar installs it to perfection.