Here on the Central Coast, it might be starting to warm up. It’s been a miserably grey summer in Pacific Grove, and it is nice to see some sun. When you are getting ready for winter and you know the winter weather is right around the corner you want to prepare for that onslaught of inclement weather. When leaves and other debris builds up in valleys and gutters you could have potential leaks. If you aren’t able to get up on the roof yourself (careful!) have a handyperson or other worker come out to check for any potential isgetting ready for wintersues. Dority Roofing & Solar does do that kind of work, but we do get booked up.


What to pay attention to:

Do you have branches that are hanging low or are touching the roof surfaces? Branches will blow in the wind and may cause damage to tiles and gutters if left untrimmed. They can also mar your painted wall surfaces and be noisy while scraping the side of the building. Trim those branches while you are getting ready for winter! Also check for dead trees in the area that might come down or branches that could fall on the roof.

getting ready for winter

Look for leaves and other debris that piles up on areas of the roof, behind chimneys or pipes, or in valleys. When leaves and other debris settle in roof valleys and around drains, they can potentially cause leaks. Then water pools up behind the settled leaf mass, which is a cause for concern. When it pools at that level it can come down behind shingles and get underneath. You should have a quality underlayment which will protect you from drips. The best thing though is to have that leaf matter gone. Roof maintenance is important for the longevity of the roofing materials and looks.

Gutters can fill as well, so blow them out or use a gloved hand to pull out the debris.

Getting ready for winter can be fun if you think forward to a warm home in the woods and a fire roaring while the rain is coming down.